If I were to Lose You

by Will Floyd

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If I were to lose you I’d refuse to handle it well at all
Politely turn down every offer of company and phone call
My friends would reach out and be worried for me
but I doubt they know how hard it would be

If I were to lose you I’d make sure to still call you every night
Fill you in on the day’s events and the lonely life
No one’s condolence could put me at ease
when yours is the only comfort I need

If I were to lose you I’d be sixteen years old again
All that maturing would be undone in a moment
I’d be right back at St Catherine’s Fair
Waiting for you to meet me there

If I were to lose you the world wouldn’t even bat an eye
no one would mourn the terrible loss of you and I
there would be countless others like us
where a lifetime of love just isn’t enough

Did his lungs start to fail him the moment she passed away?
I don’t blame him I wouldn’t have lasted another day




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Will Floyd New York, New York

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